Boutiques, Markets and Bazaars

Boutiques, Markets and Bazaars

Are you looking for wholesale scrunchies, headbands, hair ties and other hair accessories to sell in your boutique, at markets or bazaars?  Skip the expense and hassle of walking the trade show floor - Threddies has you covered!  We've been shipping our best-selling hair accessories to mom and pop shops, flea market sellers, boutique owners, gift shops and beyond since 1999, and know what it takes to keep your shop stocked with the best, freshest, high-margin styles that your customers will love.

Our accessories have no branding, and come in Bulk Packs to make ordering easy.  Simply open the package, dump into a basket, and you're done!

You can shop for Bulk Packs directly online, at any time of day, even in your pajamas:

Shop Wholesale Scrunchies

Shop Wholesale Headbands

Shop Wholesale Hair Ties

Order ship within 1-2 business days (often sooner!), and we are always available by phone or e-mail to help you pick the right mix for your shop.

Peace, love and headbands!

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