Skinny satin headbands in every color

Crafting with Headbands

Threddies headbands make a perfect base for crafts!  Whether you're crafting at home, school, camp, a birthday party, a craft studio, or wherever else the crafting bug gets you - we have just what you need to get started with a cool creation.

Need one headband to make a Halloween costume?  A dozen for your Girl Scout troop?  Or maybe you're a professional crafter who needs to stay stocked up with a wholesale case of headbandsThreddies offers an assortment of styles in tons of colors, in quantities from 1 piece to Bulk Packs to Case Packs... in stock and ready to ship!

If you're unsure about which headband style to choose for your project, needs and budget, check out this handy list:

  • Skinny Elastic Headbands:  Skinny, stretchy, comfortable.  Since they stretch so much, they feel good, and will fit just about everyone.  Use them as a base for flower crowns (use fabric glue or a glue gun to attach flowers, back with StickyFelt for a clean finish), or to make stretchy, comfy ears that won't feel funny when worn with glasses!  These are our least expensive elastic headbands, so they're easy on the budget, and can also double as a ponytail holder in a pinch!  Great for big groups.
  • Thick Elastic Headbands:  Same as the skinnies, but thicker.  These are pretty stretchy, but not as SUPER stretchy as the Skinny Elastic Headbands.  Go for these when you need a more substantial, firm base for your flower crowns and other stretchy decorated headbands.  Customers also love these to wrap around books, clipboards, menu boards and beyond!
  • Skinny Structured Headbands:  We have 'em in solid colors in SatinMatte Finish and Glitter.  Or go bold, and use a printed headband!  Though they're "hard" headbands, these are very flexible and comfortable to wear.  They make a perfect starting point for crafting ears of all kinds - mouse, cat, dog, whatever!  Or embrace your inner milliner, and cover them with flowers, rhinestones, bits of fabric, patches... the sky is the limit!  These make a great base for lightweight fascinators, too.  They fit both children and adults comfortably.  Economical choice for a hard headband!
  • Wide Structured Headbands:  In your choice of Satin, Glitter or Velvet, these offer a little more room to add on the fun stuff, and are a bit of a sturdier base for your heavier designs.  Popular for making mouse ears, these also look great with rhinestones, flowers, netting, etc.  Fits children and adults alike, these are also softly-structured for headache-free wear!
  • Supersoft Knit Headbands: These are priced right for buying in bulk.  They're super stretchy, available in tons of colors, and since they're a poly/spandex blend with a smooth finish, they're the perfect choice for adding Heat Press Vinyl designs!  The white Supersoft Knit headbands are a popular choice for air brushing, or go for a color and add some rhinestones, studs or patches.
  • Cotton Knit Headbands: Slightly more expensive than the Supersoft Knit - use these when you want a heavier weight knit headband.  Perfect for adding beads, appliques or other sewn-on decorations, studs, screen printing (the seam can be rolled to the edge).

At wholesale pricing to the public and in tons of in-stock colors, we feel confident that you'll find the right base for your creations at Threddies!

We love to see what our customers are making - mention us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag your creation #CraftWithThreddies, or e-mail your photos over to show us your designs! 

Wanna get some inspiration to make your next creation?  Check out our Pinterest board - and let us know if you'd like your project to be added, too!

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