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Hair Accessories for Dance and Gymnastics

If you're a dancer or a gymnast (or the parent or coach of a dancer or gymnast!), you how how important it is to have your hair up and out of the way while you're preforming.  Finding wholesale hair accessories that are the perfect combination of practical and stylish, at reasonable prices, can be a challenge.  Have no fear, Threddies is here!  Here's a list of our most-loved, best-selling hair ties, scrunchies and headbands for dance and gymnastics:


Cotton Blend Scrunchies are as soft as your favorite t-shirt, have great hold, and come in 35 different in-stock colors and assortments!  Available in a big Bulk Pack of 36 wholesale scrunchies which makes ordering for the whole team easy (and inexpensive!).

basic blended cotton scrunchies

Shiny Metallic Scrunchies are made from shiny, glossy fabric in bright, saturated colors that catch the light beautifully.  With plenty of stretch to fit thick and thin hair, these shiny scrunchies are really comfortable to wear and move in! They also look great wrapped around a bun.  Available in 12 in-stock colors and assortments.  Sold in a big Bulk Pack of 24 wholesale scrunchies, or by the smaller 2-pack!

 shiny scrunchies, wholesale metallic scrunchies

Bandana Scrunchies are a great twist on the basic cotton scrunchie - available in 9 colors and assortments, we're sure to have something to suit you!  Made of a t-shirt style knit, these scrunchies are perfect for a western, cowboy, or USA theme, or really any time, as bandana print is basically a neutral!

bandana scrunchies


- Nonslip Grip Headbands have a grip that really doesn't slip!  In basic black, these are great worn on their own, or with another headband.  We put the grippy stuff on both the front and back of the headband, so that they can help to keep more decorative hair bands in place without slipping!

double sided nonslip grip headband

Skinny Elastic Headbands are simple, minimal, inexpensive, and can be worn as a hair tie in a pinch, too!  Just the thing to keep strays at bay.  Because they're so versatile, they're great to keep in the dance bag (or send to camp!).  Available in tons of colors - we definitely have your team colors!

skinny elastic headbands

Ponytail Elastics!

- Basic 2mm Ponytail Elastics are the workhorse of hair department!  Available in great big packs of 432 wholesale hair ties, these have great stretch, hold tightly, and won't detract from sparkly clips and other hair accessories when used as a foundation.  From pigtails to ponytails, these do it all, and are available in 20+ colors.

wholesale 2mm hair elastics

- Basic 4mm Ponytail Elastics are the same circumference as the 2mm kind, only thicker.  

4mm hair elastics

- Oversized Hair Elastics are the perfect solution for thick hair, or to wrap around a bun for extra security!  In a 4mm thickness, these are that just-right size for those lucky enough to have thick, curly locks!

oversized ponytail elastics

Did we miss your favorite style, or do you have a question about colors, sizes or quantities or fabrics?  Contact us - we would love to hear from you!

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