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Spotlight on Stickyfelt!

It's sticky... it's felt... it's Stickyfelt!  What is StickyfeltStickyfelt is 100% recycled felt that's made in the USA, with a super sticky adhesive backing.  We love it for many different kinds of crafting, and we think you will too!

Threddies Stickyfelt is available in 9x12 sheets (individually, or in a Bulk Pack of 12 sheets), 1" circles (stickydots) and 1.5" circles - it can also be custom ordered as yardage (in two widths!), and in different-sized circles, too!

It's got a sticky back that REALLY sticks - this isn't a light adhesive, it holds!  The felt itself is pliable, not stiff, and is a pleasure to work with.  You can even sew through it!

It's available in 28 in-stock colors, and even more colors can be custom ordered!

What are some uses for StickyfeltStickyfelt adhesive felt sheets are perfect for lining boxes, trays, jewelry boxes, organizers and more.  Cut it as needed to make a perfectly-shaped, scratch-free base for artwork, sculptures, bowls, vases and beyond.  It's perfect for millinery and crafting, too - use Stickyfelt to create a clean backing and finish for embellished headbands and ponytail elastics!  It's also perfect for making felt banners, buntings and other decorations.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

What do YOU use Stickyfelt for?  Get in touch and let us know - we always love to hear about what our customers are making!

 sticky felt adhesive backed felt backing

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