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By now, you've probably heard of the Waste Hierarchy.  You know... reduce, reuse, recycle.  At Threddies, we always have the three R's in mind when packaging and shipping your orders.  Operating this way allows us to keep prices low while keeping trash out of the landfill.  Here's how we do it.


Wherever possible, we aim to reduce usage of unnecessary bags, tags, tape and wrappings.  This is the first and most important step toward sustainability.  It's why you'll find that Threddies hair accessories are wrapped simply, in bulk, in re-purposed packaging.  While the bells and whistles are nice, they're not necessary, and besides, maybe you want to add some of your own bells and whistles anyway?


This is our favorite "R."  At Threddies HQ, anything that can be reused, is.  From boxes to bubble wrap to polybags, if it's clean and still has life left in it, it'll be put to good use (even if it looks a little weird).  We seldom purchase new shipping cartons, so if your order arrives in an "ugly" box, please don't be offended.  And if it still looks good and you've got a use for it, use it again!

From shipping pallets (reused in the warehouse, or given to others who reuse them in other ways) to waste paper (reused as notepads and filler for boxes) and everything in between, we do our best to make use of what we have, even if it isn't so pretty.


Anything that can't be reused in our office or warehouse is recycled when possible. Including those shipping cartons that have seen too many days and done too many things!

You'd be surprised at just how little trash a business of our size produces when the three R's are taken into consideration every step of the way.  By doing so, we're able to help keep our planet just a little bit cleaner, while keeping costs as low as possible for you, our awesome customers!


If you don't already know, we are able to custom manufacture pretty much any hair accessory that you can dream up - if your dreams include using sustainable materials (deadstock, naturally dyed or sustainable natural fabrics, perhaps?), we can do that, too! Contact us for more information, these are some of our favorite projects to work on and we're happy to help make your dream a reality!

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