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What is the best Satya Incense?

What is your favorite Satya incense scent?  What is the best incense smell? Customers often ask us what the different range of Satya scents smells like, and while it's hard to describe a scent with words, we're going to try our very best for you!  We sell several types of incense online and in our brick and mortar store in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, USA - but India-made Satya is consistently the best-selling brand.

Satya incense is a best-seller for a few reasons. First, it's known for its high-quality ingredients sourced from natural materials. Their incense sticks contain a blend of natural herbs, resins, and essential oils, giving them a distinct and pleasant aroma.

Additionally, Satya incense is reputed for its consistency in fragrance and burn time. The scent remains consistent throughout the burning process, and the sticks tend to burn evenly.

Satya brand offers a wide variety of scents, with something for everyone.  Whether you like your incense sweet, earthy, fruity or floral, this brand has something for you. The best-selling classic blue box Nag Champa is probably the incense that you remember from high school or college!

Of course, perceptions of the "best" incense can vary depending on personal preferences, but Satya's quality, consistency, and range of scents have made it a top choice for incense enthusiasts everywhere!

At Threddies HQ, we've burned them all, and we definitely have a few favorites, which just happen to be our best sellers, too!  Read on to find out our top ten favorite Satya incense stick scents, and learn what they smell like!

1) Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Satya's most famous original scent, which you may also know as the Blue Box incense.  In fact, it can be said that this is the most popular incense in the world!  The scent is a blend of soft, earthy woods with a creamy top note and a floral undertone (thanks to the champa flower!).  Also available as a bath soap!

satya sai baba nag champa

2) Satya Super Hit Our favorite at Threddies HQ, and a best-seller at our store in Perkasie, Pennylvania!  Super Hit smells similar to Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa, but a little sweeter.  Almost everyone who tries this scent loves it.

satya super hit

3) Satya White Sage The scent of light, fresh white sage - earthy, woodsy, herbal and bright.  White sage is known for its sacred, cleansing, and grounding properties.

satya white sage

4) Satya Patchouli The quintessential, classic patchouli - heady, earthy, woodsy, spicy.  Not all patchouli incenses are created equal - Satya Patchouli is a patchouli lover's dream, with the classic, warm scent that so many love.

satya patchouli


5) Satya Dragon's Blood No, it probably doesn't smell like the blood of a mythical dragon.  What is Dragon's blood, anyway?  Dragon's blood is actually the earthy, sweet-smelling sap of the Draco tree.  It's earthy, piney, fruity, musky and warm - and positively addictive.

satya dragons blood

6) Satya Karma Flowery, sweet, musky, powdery, herbal.  If you like floral scents like Jasmine, you might really like Karma!

satya karma

7) Satya Meditation A warm, woodsy scent with a resinous, earthy undertone.  It's somehow deep, yet bright, and surely does set the tone for meditation!

satya meditation incense

8) Satya Sandalwood Woodsy, earthy and warm.  This is a relaxing scent, often used in temples and in prayer.

satya sandalwood incense

9) Satya Positive Vibes  What do positive vibes smell like?  Not really sure, but we can tell you that Satya Positive Vibes incense smells like a blend of earthy sandalwood with a hefty dose of florals. Warm and sweet, light yet pungent, Positive Vibes is a vibe indeed!

satya positive vibes

10) Satya Lemongrass A natural insect repellant with a stimulating scent.  Satya Lemongrass incense has a light yet pungent scent reminiscent of citrus and fresh cut grass.  If you like fresh, citrusy smells, this is the one for you!

satya lemongrass incense

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