Headbands for dermatologist, plastic surgery and medi spa consultations and procedures

If you run a cosmetic dermatology, plastic surgery or medi spa office, you know how important it is to provide a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere and experience for your clients and patients.  Instead of an ugly disposable headband, why not give your clients/patients a comfortable, stretchy headband to keep hair off of their faces for consultations and procedures, that they can reuse over and over again?


wholesale stretch headbands
Order wholesale stretch headbands from Threddies by the pack or by the case, in basic black or white, or choose from a range of colors to suit your office's aesthetic!  We have several popular options to recommend:


Elastic headbands are an economical choice - they're really, really stretchy and will fit everyone comfortably.  We recommend our Skinny Elastic Headbands, which come in big Bulk Packs of 144 headbands per pack.  As a bonus, they can also be looped around to be used as hair ties! 

wholesale skinny elastic headbands in bulk packs

Another great choice is our Supersoft Knit headbands.  Light, stretchy to accommodate all sizes, and comfortable, they are wider than an elastic headband to help hold back more hair.

For a hairdo-friendly choice, try our Skinny Satin headbands!  In big Bulk Packs of 48, they are flexible, comfortable and economical, too.

Your clients and patients come to you for top-notch service to make them feel their best - give them a 5-star consultation experience with Threddies headbands!