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  • pastel assorted cotton scrunchies
  • black white grey assorted cotton scrunchies
  • neutral assorted cotton scrunchies
  • neon assorted cotton scrunchies
  • cool assorted cotton scrunchies
  • dark cotton scrunchies
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  • neon green cotton scrunchies
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  • teal cotton scrunchies
  • hunter green cotton scrunchies
  • light blue cotton scrunchies
  • turquoise cotton scrunchies
  • lavender cotton scrunchies
  • navy blue cotton scrunchies
  • purple cotton scrunchies
  • royal blue cotton scrunchies
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  • beige cotton scrunchies
  • brown cotton scrunchies
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Cotton Blend Scrunchies, standard

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The softest Cotton Scrunchies around!  Made from extra-soft cotton-blend jersey knit in vivid colors with durable elastic!  Please note that the white scrunchie is NOT recommended for dyeing.  We sell Dyeable White 100% Cotton Scrunchies here.

Perfect for everyday wear, gymnastics, dance, teams, clubs, '80s parties, '90s parties... the list goes on and on!

cotton scrunchies, measurements and size

Each hair scrunchie measures about 4" across, un-stretched (about 10cm).

Sold Individually, in scrunchie packs of 10 pieces or in Bulk Packs of 36 piecesAlso available wholesale by the case!

10 piece ASSORTED scrunchie sets come exactly as shown in the photo.  36 piece ASSORTED scrunchie packs are guaranteed to have at least one of each color hair scrunchie shown in the photo.  Colors for the assorted scrunchie packs include:

  • Rainbow Assortment:
    • Hot Pink scrunchie
    • Red scrunchie 
    • Orange scrunchie
    • Yellow scrunchie
    • Kelly Green scrunchie
    • Royal Blue scrunchie
    • Purple scrunchie
    • White scrunchie
    • Black scrunchie
  • Pastel Assortment:
    • Light Pink scrunchie
    • Light Blue scrunchie
    • Lavender scrunchie
    • Mint Green scrunchie
    • Butter Yellow scrunchie
    • White scrunchie
  • Neon Assortment:
    • Neon Pink scrunchie
    • Neon Yellow scrunchie
    • Neon Orange scrunchie
    • Neon Green scrunchie
  • Pink/Purple/Blue Assortment:
    • Shades of Pink scrunchies
    • Shades of Purple scrunchies
    • Shades of Blue scrunchies
  • Black/White/Grey Assortment:
    • Black scrunchie
    • White scrunchie
    • Shades of Grey scrunchies
  • Neutral Assortment:
    • Black scrunchie
    • White scrunchie
    • Beige scrunchie
    • Shades of Grey scrunchies
    • Shades of Brown scrunchies
  • Classic Assortment:
    • Black scrunchie
    • White scrunchie
    • Red scrunchie
    • Navy scrunchie
  • Cool Assortment:
    • Purple scrunchie
    • Royal Blue scrunchie
    • Turquoise scrunchie
    • Teal scrunchie
    • Navy scrunchie
    • Grey scrunchie
    • Black scrunchie
    • Neon Yellow scrunchie
    • Hunter Green scrunchie
    • Kelly Green scrunchie
  • Dark Assortment:
    • Maroon scrunchie
    • Olive Green scrunchie
    • Royal Blue scrunchie
    • Navy Blue scrunchie
    • Purple scrunchie
    • Grey scrunchie
    • Beige scrunchie
    • Black scrunchie
    • Light Brown scrunchie
    • Dark Brown scrunchie

We stock these scrunchies heavily, year-round at wholesale prices. Vivid colors, stretchy and comfy!