elastics for packaging and stationery

Elastic Bands for Packaging and Stationery

Most folks use Threddies hair elastics for their intended purpose - as hair ties.  When you think about it though, hair ties are really just elastic bands with a more decorative and/or luxurious appearance than the basic styles on offer from traditional packaging companies.  And as a bonus, they can be used as hair ties!  Not only will they make your packaged products and papergoods look a little more luxurious, but they will also give your customer a value-added product that they can use again and again (and will surely appreciate!) for just pennies.

Threddies stocks elastic bands in sizes appropriate for use as hair accessories, but also appropriate for a lot of other uses, too. 

2mm Ponytail Elastics, at about 1.5" in diameter, are economical, come in tons of colors, and work well for wrapping around and tagging smaller things - jewelry boxes, small candles, wine and liquor bottles, small jars (honey, jam...) etc.  Be sure to check out our reference to our elastic sizes.

Thick Elastic Headbands, with their substantial look and feel, are popular for use as menu board elastics in restaurants and at events.

Skinny Elastic Headbands (7mm thick loops) look great wrapped around a larger gift box, and can really elevate the look of a subscription box.  They are also a perfect pick for holding rolled scarves, sweaters, leggings, etc in place.

You can see all of our Elastic Headbands in one place, here!

Scrunchies make fun napkin rings for events, especially '80s-themed!.

Looking for a bigger loop, smaller loop, or a different thickness than what is available from stock?  Need a custom color?  Contact Threddies to discuss your needs - elastic bands can be made in a seemingly infinite range of colors, sizes and finishes to make your project really shine!


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