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Basic Ponytail Elastics - size and thickness reference

Having a hard time visualizing the sizes and dimensions of Threddies hair elastics?  No worries, we've got you covered with this handy-dandy reference to all of our 'hair rubber bands'.

Whether you need wholesale hair elastics in big packs, to put that final touch on your packaging, or just a few for you, sometimes size does matter... 

Looking for the best hair ties for thick hair and/or dreadlocks?  Click here for an oversized elastics-specific guide!


hair elastic size guide reference

Threddies stocks hair elastics in a Mini Size, Standard Size and Oversize, as you can see in the photo above.  Oh, and Elastic Headbands, too, in case you need them really, really big!

The minis are perfect for little ponytails and pigtails, or for the ends of braids.  We also have customers who use the mini hair elastics for packaging, as components... some even like to wear them as rings!

Our Standard size hair elastic is just that - a pretty standard size that will work well in most hair.  Our "standard" is about 1.5" in diameter (across the widest part of the circle).

Finally, Threddies Oversized hair elastics are just the thing for folks with larger wrists, as they can be worn comfortably around the wrist without pinching.  Our oversized elastics are about 3" in diameter (across the widest part of the circle), and 4mm thick.


hair elastic thickness guide


"Thickness" refers to the thickness of the actual elastic that makes up the hair band.  We stock 2mm, 4mm, 5mm in various circumferences.  The thinner the elastic, the stretchier it will be, and the more economical.

If you're looking for hair elastics to stock a gym, yoga studio, concierge desk, etc as a convenience item, go with 2mm - you'll get the most hair elastics for your money, and the thickness suits most hair types.  2mm is also great for pulling through the holes of beads and covered buttons to make DIY designs!

If the skinnies are just too skinny, give the 4mm or 5mm a shot.  They do better with thicker hair, and still have good stretch.  Thicker hair elastics are often used as a base for heavier embellishments, such as large bows and other designs.

Threddies can make hair elastics in any custom size, thickness and color that you need, including metallics. If you don't see what you're looking for in stock, contact us - we're happy to help! Big loops, little loops, thin or thick... we can do it all!

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