Hair Ties, Hair Elastics, Ponytail Holders?

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Whatever you call them, we've got them!  Hair Ties, Hair Elastics or Ponytail Holders?  The debate erupts on social media every few months... There's never a clear winner, but we can see all viewpoints.  

Hair Ties never really resonated with us, since many of those that we sell don't actually 'tie'.  We have noticed, however, that this term is very popular with our friends from 'across the pond' and the polls that we've seen often reflect this.  

Hair Elastics is a broad term that is also fairly descriptive.  It differentiates itself from 'rubber band' and makes it clear that these will be more forgiving when you wear them in your hair.

Personally, we've picked 'Ponytail Holder' or 'Ponytail elastic' in most places because it describes so perfectly one of its best uses.  It just so happens to be the term that Google also uses in their product type taxonomy (Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accessories > Hair Accessories > Ponytail Holders).  We're not saying Google's perfect (they don't even have a product type for 'scrunchies'), but this product type classification, may just have swayed us a little bit 😁

So what do you call 'em?  Know that whatever it is, Threddies will have the best basic hair ties/hair elastics/ponytail holders in bulk!

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