headbands for people with small heads

Headbands for Small Heads

As someone with a smaller head, finding the perfect headband can be a challenge. Most headbands are designed for larger heads, making it difficult to find the right fit.  Whether you're searching for headbands for small heads, running headbands for small heads. the best headbands for small heads, or workout headbands for small heads, Threddies has lots of options for you!

Thick Elastic Headbands

One reviewer, Alva, says the following about Threddies Thick Elastic Headbands: "I have a small head, and most headbands never seem to fit. However, I find these headbands to be a perfect fit... and, I love the different colors."

At about 15 inches (approximately 38cm) around, un-stretched, Thick Elastic Headbands start small and stretch to accommodate all sizes.  They're made from thick, chunky elastic covered in vividly-colored thread for comfort.  Available in a pack of 12 headbands, or an even bigger Bulk Pack of 72 headbands, in lots of color assortments, as well as basic black. Click here to check them out!

PSST - this style is also available with a Silicone Nonslip GripFind them here.

thick elastic headbands, rainbow assortment  silicone grip elastic headbands, royal blue

Adjustable Elastic Headbands

For a truly customizable fit, give Threddies Adjustable Elastic Headbands a try.  These skinny adjustable headbands tighten and expand for a truly custom fit!  Made from soft, stretchy elastic with a slider, these are perfect headbands for small heads.  If you were around in the '90s, maybe you remember them as Bra Strap Headbands!  Available in lots of colors, individually or in a big bulk pack of wholesale headbands.

adjustable bra strap headbands, mint green

Non Slip Ribbon Headbands

Looking for running headbands for small heads?  We've got something for you!  When shopping for workout headbands for small heads, a non slip grip is just as important as a perfect fit. Threddies Non Slip Ribbon Headbands check both of those boxes.  Available in solid colors and in glitter, too, these have an adjustable elastic back panel with a slider for a perfectly custom fit for small heads.  On the back of each headband is velveteen ribbon, which ads incredible grip that won't slip!  These mightt just be the best headbands for people with small heads.  Click here to check out the solid colors - and click here to see them in glitter!

nonslip ribbon headband, purple
skinny nonslip elastic glitter headbands


Skinny Satin and Matte Headbands

Like a headband with more structure?  You'll love Threddies Skinny Satin Headbands.  Don't love the shine of satin?  They come in a matte finish, too!  They have a headache-free, flexible fit to accommodate all sizes comfortably - including those with smaller heads!  Available in tons of colors at a great price.  If you're looking for smaller headbands for small heads, these might just be the ticket.

skinny satin headbands, hot pink
skinny matte headbands


Threddies headbands are designed to keep your hair out of your face while still looking stylish.  These headbands are perfect for workouts, yoga, or any activity that requires your hair to be out of the way.

If you have a small head and are tired of struggling to find headbands that fit comfortably and look great, look no further than Threddies.  Give us a try today and experience the difference for yourself!

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