Skinny Satin Headbands

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Skinny satin headbands, by the piece, in a 12 piece bulk pack, or  a 48 piece SUPER bulk pack at a huge savings!  Tons of gorgeous, saturated colors to choose from! 

Choose a solid color pack (all one color), or an assorted color pack - which contains a fun, random mix of colors.

This headband style fits all sizes comfortably; approximately 1/4" wide. Lovely, clean finish inside. Softly structured and headache-free.

These skinny satin headbands are great for adding mouse ears, antlers, horns, and other embellishments and crafts!  Combine with our Sticky Felt to take your creation to the next level!

Also available in a wider and widest size.

Interested in a large quantity of this item? Check out our wholesale guide to inquire about ordering in bulk.