slouch socks with sandals

How to Style Slouch Socks

What do you wear slouch socks with?  What kind of shoes do you wear with slouch socks?  Anything and everything!  From sneakers to boots to sandals to clogs, here are some of our favorite ways to style slouch socks.  Try all of the looks with Thick Slouch Socks for ultimate scrunch, Midweight Slouch Socks for that same slouchy look with a little less bulk, or Lightweight Slouch Socks for a lighter feel.  For something super cozy and luxurious, try the Luxe Alpaca Slouch Socks.

You can stick to basic neutrals like black, white, grey, beige and cream - or try something a little more fun and add a pop of color with a bright pair!  Contrast colors with you outfit, or go for a monochromatic look.  Whichever you choose, the most important thing is to have fun styling your slouch socks!

Check out a comparison of all of our scrunchy slouch socks if you're curious about your options.

Slouch Socks with Sandals

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!  A cozy pair of slouch socks looks effortlessly cool with the right pair of sandals.  On spring and fall days that start cool, warm up midday, then get cool again in the evening, a toasty pair of slouchy scrunch socks will keep you warm when the weather takes a turn!  Shown here: Threddies Thick Slouch Socks

 slouch socks with sandals

Slouch Socks with Clogs

It's just kind of perfect, isn't it?  The comfort and ease of a clog meets the thick, cozy scrunchability of a slouchy sock.  Pair it with pants, a dress, anything - you can't go wrong! Shown here: Threddies Thick Slouch Socks and Threddies Luxe Alpaca Slouch Socks

slouch socks with clogs

alpaca slouch socks with clogs

Slouch Socks with Boots

Slouch Socks balance out the chunkiness of ankle boots nicely, and provide an interesting proportion when worn scrunched down.  Long slouchy socks are perfect for tall boots, too - just pull them all the way up for a protective layer between your boots and your skin! Shown here: Threddies Thick Slouch Socks

slouch socks with boots

Slouch Socks with Sneakers

This look has been around since the '80s - it stayed strong through the '90s, and is making a comeback right now!  Whether you called them Slouch Socks, Scrunch Socks, Slouchy Socks, or Stacked Socks, they still look as cool as ever with a pair of sneakers.  There's just something about the comfort and vibe of a pair of loose, scrunchy socks with a great pair of sneakers that goes so well!  Try it, you'll like it! Shown here: Threddies Thick Slouch Socks


Slouch Socks with sneakers

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