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Slouch Sock Styles Compared

Thick slouch socks, midweight slouch socks, lightweight slouch socks, LUXE slouch socks... if you're having trouble deciding which style of Threddies old school style slouch socks is right for you, read on!  All slouch socks are available by the pair, and in large bulk wholesale quantities.
Slouch Sock styles compared - thick slouch socks, midweight slouch socks, lightweight, luxe and for kids


Our best-selling slouchies, Threddies Thick Slouch Socks are the thickest ones that we stock, and one of the longest, too!  Loose and comfortable, these don't pinch or feel too tight, even on thick calves.  If you are looking for that '80s and '90s classic EG Smith scrunch sock look, this is probably what you're looking for.

STATS: Cotton/nylon blend. One Size fits women's shoe sizes 5-12.5, men's shoe sizes 4-11. Top (tube) is about 12" (30cm) long. Made in the USA. 85% cotton, 15% nylon for stretch.  White is dyeable, black can be bleach dyed.


Similar to the thick slouch, but, well... less thick, these are a little bit shorter, too.  Same super comfy, stretchy construction as the thick slouch. If you love the slouch sock look but don't want quite so much bulk, this is the style for you!  

STATS: Cotton/nylon blend. One Size fits women's shoe sizes 4-10, men's shoe sizes 5-12. Top (tube) is about 10" (25cm) long. Made in the USA! 85% cotton, 15% nylon for stretch.  White is dyeable, black can be bleach dyed.


Lots of scrunchy slouch, not a lot of bulk!  Our lightweight slouch socks have a super comfy, loose-knit, non-binding top - even on thick calves.  Just the thing for warmer weather, or for those who prefer a less-bulky look.  Nice and long, these can be pulled all the way up, or slouched all the way down.

STATS: Cotton/nylon blend. Sized. Women's 9-11 fits women's shoe sizes 6-12. Men's 10-13 fits mens' shoe sizes 9-13. Top (tube) is about 12" (30cm) long. Made in the USA!  85% cotton, 15% nylon for stretch.  White is dyeable, black can be bleach dyed.


Treat yourself!  Our luxe alpaca slouch socks are made from the softest, loftiest alpaca blend yarn for a seriously luxurious feel.  Loose, ribbed construction means that the top is perfectly slouchy, never tight.  Warm and gorgeous, these are inspired by classic slouch socks from the '80s and '90s, and brought to a new, modern level!

STATS: Alpaca/acrylic/nylon blend. One Size fits women's shoe sizes 5-12, fits men's shoe sizes 4-10. Top (tube) is about 9" long (about 23cm).  Made in Peru. Fair trade certified.


Because kids need slouch socks, too!  Made the same way as our thick and midweight slouch socks, but scaled down to fit smaller childrens sizes.  Comfy, slouchy, stretchy ribbed tops won't feel tight or dig in to little legs!

STATS: Cotton/nylon blend.  Available in 2 kids' sizes.  Size 4-6 measures about 5" (12.5 cm) from mid-heel to toe-tip, un-stretched, with a 6" (15cm) top/tube. Size 6-8 measures about 6.5" (16.5 cm) from mid-heel to toe-tip, un-stretched, with a 7" (18cm) top/tube.  Made in the USA!


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We are available by e-mail, live chat, and phone to answer any other questions you may have.  Reach out any time - we are glad to send you additional photos and measurements as needed!


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I’m really looking for a throw back to the 50’s & 60’s. It was a women’s heavy wool sweat sock like you heavy weight slouchy sock, with a scallop top edge and oatmeal color. I am 74 does any one remember? They were $6.00 a pair even then. I would love a pair, but if not a pair of your heavy slouchy sock may have to due I guess. I’m trying to relive a piece of my past ha, ha!!!

Maybelle Freeman

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