Scrunchies for Thick Hair

Scrunchies for Thick Hair

Looking for scrunchies for thick hair?  Prefer a scrunchie over a hair tie?  In our opinion, the best scrunchie for thick hair is an Oversized Velvet Scrunchie

A jumbo velvet scrunchy that stretches more than most, these provide support to thick, long hair and don't slip out of place. They're fun to style, great for everyday wear, and also make a comfy sleep scrunchie!

Oversized jumbo velvet scrunchy for thick hair

Are scrunchies better than hair ties for thick hair?  The answer is that it depends on your personal preference, and the look that you're going for.  Oversized jumbo velvet scrunchies are comfortable to wear, and will add extra volume to your style, whether you go for a ponytail, a bun, pigtails or puffs.  They're also comfortable to wear around your wrist.

If you like a more sleek look, or want something a smaller to store in your pocket easily, we recommend that you try our knotted Jumbo size Knotted Hair Ties.  You'll find them on our list of the best hair ties for thick hair and dreadlocks, which you can read here!

Jumbo Knotted Hair Tie Set, Neutral Colors


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