best hair ties for thick hair and dreadlocks

The best hair ties for thick hair and dreadlocks

What are the best hair ties for thick hair?  If you're looking for hair accessories for thick hair, Threddies has you covered!  Here are our favorites:

Knotted Elastics - these are a best-seller and a favorite for big hair of all kinds.  They are the best dreadlock ties, too! Remember hair knockers?  Knotted Elastics are a more grown-up, polished version of that look.  Just wrap the elastic around, and secure one loop over a knot.  Wrap as needed for a tighter hold.  Available in a Medium size and Jumbo size to suit thick, curly or dreadlocked hair (or all of the above!).  Also available in a Small size, but that's probably not what you're looking for if you have super big hair! :)  See a comparison of all of the sizes in the photo below.

knotted dreadlock thick hair tie size guide

Oversized Elastics - like regular elastics, only bigger.  This style is best suited to folks who always wish that their standard ponytail elastics were a little bit larger than the norm!  Thick 4mm elastic bands are about 8" in circumference, or a little more than 20cm - they are comfy to wear around your wrist as an extra added bonus, too!  Click here to see how the size compares to a standard size elastic hair tie.

Oversized Stretch Knit Elastics - similar in size to our Oversized Elastics (seen above), this stretchy knit version is extra-soft on hair.  Made of super soft tubular knit with rolled edges and very durable - these have a cult following!

oversized hair ties size guide

Skinny Elastic Headbands - like regular ponytail elastics, just WAY WAY bigger!  Perfect for tying dreads and really big, thick hair up in one fell swoop.  Or, make a knot to create a perfect size that works for you.  Available in over 20 individual colors and assorted color packs!  You can even knot some large-holed beads into the ends to create your own custom made knotted elastics - be creative!

Thick Elastic Headbands - definitely bigger than a regular ponytail elastic, but a little smaller, a lot thicker, and a little less stretchy than our Skinny Elastic Headbands.  These work best as dreadlock ties, and for BIG puffs!  Will not knot as well as the Skinny Elastic Headbands.

All Threddies ponytail elastics are available in small packs, or in big wholesale Bulk Packs.  Bulk Packs are just a great for wholesale customers as they are for personal use - there is something very satisfying and comforting about having a huge hair tie stash, so you'll never be without!

Which style do you love the most?  Let us know!

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