white cotton headbands for tie dye

Transforming white cotton headbands with tie dye!

Transforming white cotton headbands  (and scrunchies, bandanas, slouch socks and infinity scarves) with tie dye!

Tie dye, ice dye, batik, shibori, marble dye, dye painting, bleach dye, reverse dye... there are so many ways to transform a plain white accessory into a work of art!  

slouch socks ready to dye in white cotton

Whether you're a professional tie dye artist looking to add some small accessories to bulk up your inventory (and margins!), a home dye artist looking for white cotton blanks to express your creativity, or a camp, school or other organization in search of ready-to-dye accessories in bulk at prices that won't break the bank, Threddies is here to fill that need with the coolest dyeables at the best prices around!

dyeable white cotton scrunchies ready for dye

All Threddies dyeable scrunchies, headbands and slouch socks are created with your creations (and comfort!) in mind.  We use natural fibers (cotton or rayon) with a minimal amount of nylon or spandex to provide the perfect canvas for your works of wearable art.  Just give them a pre-wash and you're good to go!  For best results, use fiber-reactive dyes and follow the dye manufacturer's instructions.

tie dyed scrunchies

 White cotton headbands, scrunchies, bandanas, and other small, fun accessories are perfect for tie dye parties, too!

After you've dyed (or bleached) them, add even more interest by applying patches, rhinestones, heat press vinyl... the only limit is your imagination!

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