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Question: Where Can I Buy Hair Ties in Bulk?

Whether you need just a few scrunchies, or a few thousand hair ties, Threddies has all the great basics you're looking for, in your choice of 20+ colors!  In our 25+ years in business, we have provided millions of hair ties for both individuals and companies of all sizes.

Here are some of the reasons why our customers like to buy wholesale hair ties in bulk at Threddies:

shop for wholesale hair accessories in bulk at threddies

Minimal Packaging

All of our hair accessories are bulk packed, with many units inside of one master pack.  Less packaging = less waste.  It also makes them a lot easier to unpack for bulk use!

Cost Efficiency

Buying hair ties in bulk often offers a cost savings compared to purchasing individual packs. It's a practical choice for individuals or businesses looking to save money on a commonly used item.  Gyms, spas, salons, fitness centers, doctors' offices, sports teams, camps, residential institutions, schools... no matter the reason, if you go through a lot of hair ties, you probably want to be buying in bulk!


Hair ties are a basic staple that anyone with long hair needs to have on hand.  They're also small, and easy to lose!  Instead of buying small packs at a higher price, buy a big Bulk Pack and always have plenty on hand.  A bulk pack of hair ties is a great gift for a college student, and for kids at sleepaway camp!


Events like weddings, parties, or sports activities may require a significant number of hair ties for participants or attendees. Buying in bulk ensures there are enough for everyone!  Bulk Packs of wholesale hair ties are a thoughtful addition to bathroom baskets at weddings, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, and other large gatherings.

Charitable Donations

Organizations or individuals involved in charitable activities might purchase wholesale hair ties in bulk, to include them in care packages or donations for those in need.

DIY Projects

Some people use hair ties for crafting for DIY projects. Having a bulk supply allows the creativity to flow, without the worry about running out of materials.


Individuals or businesses may buy hair ties in bulk for the purpose of reselling them. This is common for online sellers, small businesses, or vendors who want to offer hair accessories in larger quantities, or use them as a component of a product or packaging.


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