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Thick Elastic Headbands

Thick Elastic Headbands

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Thick elastic headbands - in a 12-pack or bulk pack of 72 headbands!

These elastic headbands measure about 3/8" wide.  Vivid colors and stretchy to fit most sizes comfortably.  Chunky elastic is completely covered for comfy snag-free wear.  Wear them as-is, or add an embellishment to fancy 'em up!

Neutral assortment contains 2 shades of brown, mocha and beige.

Rainbow assortment contains hot pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, purple, black and white.

Blue assortment contains an assortment of shades of blue

Purple assortment contains an assortment of purples and lavender.

Pastel assortment contains light pink, peach, butter yellow, spring green, light blue and lavender.

Pink assortment contains an assortment of shades of pink

Gold and Silver assortment contains a mix of shiny metallic gold and silver.

Also available in a 'skinnier' size or as an oversized hair elastic in gray.

We maintain a deep inventory on this elastic headband style year-round for just-in-time shipping when you need it!  Need a different size or color than what you see here?

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